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With so many tour operators out there a person can be easily confused which company to choose for your dream holiday or safari in Africa.

So why should you use BIG FIVE SAFARIS?  

  • We make our prices as competitive as possible and cater to your budget to ensure that you will get the best personal safari we can give.  
  • Being out in the bush is our absolute passion and we want to share that passion with everybody, so we design your safari especially to suite your specific needs.  
  • BIG FIVE SAFARIS is owner driven and we want to be out there with each of our guests and ensure they leave their safari with the best memories of Africa, its wildlife and people.  
  • Ultimately we want everybody to enjoy the safari they always dreamt of, so we communicate directly with you when working out your package so that you know exactly what you could expect.  
  • The basis of our company is conservation and it was one of the main reasons why we started it. Each and every person joining us on safari will also be contributing to conservation and sustainable tourism in our country. A part of every safari booked goes directly into nature conservation, so when you are out there enjoying nature with us you can have peace of mind, knowing that you have contributed.  
  • We embrace the “green footprint” initiative that is sweeping the world and we have a strong belief in the ethics that surrounds nature conservation.  

The human population is booming and the pressures on fauna and flora are increasing dramatically every day. It is sad to say that some species have already lost the battle whiles others are hanging on by a single tread. With the help of several organisations and conservation agencies this battle goes on every day. At the head of the battle at the moment is the war against poaching of rhinos and your visit to our greatest park supports this struggle.

An African wilderness experience is definitely unlike any other and its natural heritage is there for each person on earth to witness. To see an animal in its natural habitat is a completely different experience than seeing it in a zoo (as many previous safari goers will be able to explain), but unfortunately only a select few ever get to witness the majesty of these animals out in their natural environment. Because this is our passion and our focus is nature you can be sure that you will not go home disappointed. You will rather have a longing for more and will be part of a special group of people whom have witnessed a wild animal in its own domain - on its terms and best of all completely free.



When thinking of guided safaris one often thinks that it may be too expensive and not in your budget.

If you take in account what it will cost to do a self drive safari: hiring of a vehicle; insurance; groceries costs; fuel costs; toll fees; accommodation arrangements and costs; all the equipment needed; food preparation or eating in restaurant or at cafeterias; driving yourself and the list goes on. Taking all of these costs and arrangements that need to be made in account, it often amounts to the same cost a guided safari will amount to and Guided Safari includes all that. Also when booking as a group the price per person would often also drop and could even work out cheaper.  


A holiday to a foreign country is usually a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. One wants to make the most of the time spent there, but unfortunately due to lack of information a trip can easily become very disappointing and could end up in a huge disappointment.

When going on tour with a guide you always have the peace of mind that there is somebody with you with local knowledge of the area and people that you are visiting. Your guide will ensure that you know what to do and what to avoid, especially during safaris.

A guide can assist you such areas as: where to look for different animals; what time of day is best to go looking for specific species; identifying the different species of fauna and flora; when a situation is safe or unsafe and why; be able to interpret the behaviour of the animals you are seeing and be able to give you loads of information on all the fauna and flora.

When visiting unknown areas it helps to have someone who knows what he is doing, travelling times, best transport, safety and again give you more information on everything on your safari.

A well informed and experienced guide will make your safari and unforgettable one.